Identify a beetle that climbed up my boxers
February 15, 2010
Hello, i recently moved into an apartment in kamloops british columbia, canada. Its a pretty mild climate categorized as a semi-arid steppe climate.
Its winter, though there’s no snow on the ground in town. Just to give you an idea on what its like here.
Ive seen a few dead beetles (like 4) in my living room window (which is big!) and infront of my patio door (which is small)
Though the other day i discovered on climbing up my boxer shorts. It was not dead.

Elm Leaf Beetle

Anyway i have a couple pictures of it and also a youtube clip (watch at 720p).
Maybe you can identify it for me. Ive been told it might be a cucumber beetle, though it looks darker than the one’s ive seen in google image searches. It was also suggested the darker color might be due to age or climate (it is still winter here after all)
Anyway heres the youtube link
I dont know where he went after filming.
Thanks for the help
signed? which ever way floats your boat i guess.
Kamloops, BC, Canada

Elm Leaf Beetle

Dear which ever way …,
The person that identified this as a Cucumber Beetle had the correct family, since your Elm Leaf Beetle is a Leaf Beetle in the family Chrysomelidae.  BugGuide indicates that it can be identified by “Adults are yellow to olive green, with a spot on the head, an hourglass mark and two spots on the pronotum, and a broad, dark stripe along the edge of each elytron
” which is obvious on your photographs.  The Elm Leaf Beetle was introduced from Europe and is considered a pest on elms.

Elm Leaf Beetle

Thanks for the speedy reply.
I’m just happy it wasn’t trying to eat me when it climbed up my underwear.

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