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February 16, 2010
We live in an apartment in Los Angeles, CA. It is February 16th 2010, This is one of third of the same bug we have found in our apartment. All of them located around 2-10 feet of the living room closet. We found them on the ground. We have hardwood laminate. They are slow crawlers, and act dead when touched. Could you please tell me what this is and where they are coming from?
Thank you,
Martin A
Los Angeles, CA

Black Soldier Fly Pupa

Hi Martin,
This looks like the pupa of a Black Soldier Fly or Window Fly, Hermetia illucens.  We get numerous reports of countless Black Soldier Fly larvae in compost piles.  If there is a nearby compost pile, the larvae may be migrating to your apartment.  The Black Soldier Flies are neither dangerous nor pests, and according to BugGuide:  “
larvae compete with house flies in manure, compost piles, etc., and may thus be beneficial. Adults are harmless and not known to carry any human disease.”  The Black Soldier Fly Blog has some good photos, and there is an entertaining video on You Tube of an adult emerging from the pupa.

Black Soldier Fly Pupa

2 Responses to Black Soldier Fly Pupa

  1. Dave says:

    BSF in da House!! [not intended as a cruel joke on the writer of this letter]

    the larvae and pupae of BSF are definitely edible, though granted most people might not consider them the prettiest food around. They can be reared in huge amounts from non-stenchy food sources, rinsed easily, and ground into flour.

    I know of a primitive skills living community in NC that sorts these bugs out of their compost and consumes them. Haven’t tried it myself. Yet.


  2. dawn chabi says:

    why and how are these pupa things getting in a toilet ? do the swim up in the water in the toilet? could they live in your plunger in the bathroom if the fly laid eggs there?
    thanks, just a little freaked out.

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