Colorful, potentially venemous spider
February 15, 2010
Okay so this spider is green on it’s main abdomen, has red tipped feet and antennae/fangs, yellow joints, and black legs. I know it’s rubber, but I need it for a class crime-solving project. So I guess I need to know what type of spider it’s SUPPOSED to be. Yeah. PLEASE HELP!!!!
Dakota, biology student.
Michigan forest, I think, but I’m not sure. For sure a forest. Yeah.

Toy Spider

Dear Dakota biology student,
First off, we cringe at the thought of doing homework for others.  Your biology professor obviously designed this project as a test of your research skills which are not being utilized if you are expecting a definite answer from someone else.  We could only speculate as to the identity of this fantasy creation, and we answered a similar question in 2004 at the request of a mother who was using plastic spiders to further her child’s interest in nature.  All spiders have venom, but the list of potentially dangerous species in North America is quite limited, and none look like this.  Though BugGuide does not have any examples from Michigan, Araneus cingulatus, which bears a superficial resemblance to this child’s toy, is reported from both Illinois and Ohio on BugGuide.  There is one photo of a male Araneus cingulatus posted on BugGuide that looks somewhat like your goal.  The colors green, red, yellow and black can also be found on the Orchard Spider, Leucauge venusta, which is also pictured on BugGuide.

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