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Is this a wasp ??
February 12, 2010
Hi , I live in Mornington , Victoria . Australia, and for the last month or so we have had these insects flying around the garden , I think that they may be some kind of wasp ? If possible could you identify them for me please and tell me if I should be wary of them ? Thanks for your help.
Mornington , south of Melbourne , Victoria Australia

Blue Flower Wasp

Dear Ingrid,
This beautiful wasp is Discolia soror, and the common name is listed as either the Blue Flower Wasp, Black Flower Wasp or Hairy Flower Wasp depending upon the author.  The adult feeds upon nectar, and the female lays eggs on Scarab Beetle Grubs which are parasitized by the larval wasps.

Blue Flower Wasp

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

7 Responses to Blue Flower Wasp from Australia

  1. Sexy kitty says:

    Does the Blue Flower wasp go under ground ?Because I have one flying around my house.Does it hurt when you get stung I have children.

  2. Roseann Sorrentino says:

    Hello, I live in the Hudson Valley of NY and I know many people in the Hudson Valley usually bring flowers or plants from Europe and other countries. Anyway people can get their hands on organic and nicely kept plants they plant inside and outside their homes or greenhouses. I have had a wasp nest live in my home this summer. I have seen either 1 or 2 or the same Solitary hunting wasp fly around through my dining room to the back porch. And I have been seeing dead blue flower wasps UPSTAIRS in my home. next to the windows one at a time. At the moment having 1 at each window sill and had picked up the first one I found and looked at with amazement because I have never seen an irridescent blue wasp in NEW YORK state. Seeing that they are native in Australia is interesting. Sorry for this being very long. Looking to find anyway why they are in NY. Could it be from people bringing plats from Europe and I’m not sure about Australia since I dont know of any one from Australia around where I live.
    Thank You
    Roseann Sorrentino

  3. Patty says:

    Hi, I live in Ohio.. I have a Kwanzan tree. These blue wasp are full in my tree. Why? and will they eat the leaves like the Japanese beetle do? I have had my tree for 3 years and this is the first year I’ve seen these wasp before. The Japanese beetle was on the same tree last year. Sprayed them and they went away. These wasp are here to stay no matter what I spray.

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