Predator beetle
February 7, 2010
Hello, I supose you guys arent very familiar with south american bugs but I gotta show this finding!
It was found at night in a rainforest area (southeast Brazil), reminds me a cicindelid but never seen one with such shapes and proportions

Tiger Beetle

Dear Techuser,
Your are correct in that this is an unusual Cicindelid or Tiger Beetle.  Some members of the subfamily Cicindelinae are ant mimics, and your specimen would seem to be one of those.  We hope we are able to provide a species identification for you, but time does not permit that research at the moment.  Perhaps one of our readers will be able to supply a species identification.

Tiger Beetle

We love the close-up photo of the face.

Tiger Beetle

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One Response to Tiger Beetle from Brazil

  1. Ísis Meri Medri says:

    I think this beetle is Ctenostoma sp.

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