Jumping stick from Patagonia, Argentina
February 7, 2010
I´m sending pictures of this funny member of the Proscopidae family I found among dry sticks on coastal dunes near Las Grutas, Rio Negro, Patagonia.
It was a perfect stick and it would be impossible to find it without a small jump he did when I walk close to it.

Jumping Stick: Camouflaged

Still trying to find its genus or species identification
Even I´m reading several bugs site as much as possible, your site is the only one I´ve been visiting every day for years!
Thanks for your amazing work. You are sharing the most unvisible beauty of the Nature

Jumping Stick

Happy New Year Mirta,
It is nice to hear from you again, and also to hear how much you appreciate our website.  This is an entirely new family for us, and we needed to do a bit of research to verify that it should be categorized with the grasshoppers on our website.  Like common grasshoppers, this Jumping Stick is in the Order Orthoptera, and the Grasshopper suborder Caelifera, but then the divergence happens.  The family Proscopiidae is new to us.  We crosschecked the taxonomy on Wikimedia with BugGuide to come to that conclusion.  The infraorder Acrididea includes the other grasshoppers,  but the superfamily Eumastacoidea does not seem to be represented with North American species, though BugGuide does have a mention of a fossilized member of Proscopiidae that was found in Brazil.  According to Encyclopedia.com, there are about 100 known species in the family and they are all endemic to South America.

Jumping Stick

Your photos are a wonderful addition to our website, and we eagerly await additional information either from you or our readership as to the genus and species of this fascinating creature.

Jumping Stick

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