walking stick
February 6, 2010
hallo! I saw this walking stick at night in the primary rainforrest in ecuador in the yasuni national park

Walkingstick:  Pseudophasma species

Hi there Janosch,
We will try to identify this interesting species of Walkingstick, and we are enlisting the assistance of our readership as well.  It has some unusual distinguishing features, like the red head and joints, and the bulbous tip of the abdomen.

There are many wonderful images on the Biodiversity Photography Phasmida Western Ecuador website, but alas, none of them match your interesting specimen.  We believe we found your species, Orephoetes peruana, on the Insects of Ecuador website.  We verified that on the Phasmids in Cyberspace website.

Update: January 4, 2011
In trying to identify another Ecuadorean Walkingstick, we stumbled upon Insects.Org which identifies this Walkingstick as
Pseudophasma spp.

Location: Ecuador

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  1. gopala says:

    no, this is certainly not Oreophoetes peruana. From what it visible from the photos, it could be Oreophoetes topoense – which we have just described recently (see lastest issue of Journal of Orthoptera Research). On our site you can find more photos of this species:
    http://www.phasmatodea.com (see photo section)
    Bruno (Switzerland)

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