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Butterfly ID
February 2, 2010
Shot this on a sunny day in an aboriginal village in Pertak. Could you please help id this specie as I couldn’t find it in Corbet & Pendlebury”s Butterflies of the Malay Peninsula.
Buttefly lover

The Rustic

Dear Butterfly Lover,
This is one of the Brush Footed Butterflies in the family Nymphalidae, but we are uncertain of the species.  First we searched the Butterflies of Malaysia website without any luck.  Then we tried the Malaysia Butterfly Checklist, but many of the thumbnails are of the closed wing view.  In clicking through those, we believe you have photographed a Rustic, Cupha erymanthis lotis.  The Malaysia Butterfly Checklist provides this information:  “The Rustic is a relatively common species which stays within the vicinity of the nature reserves. It is often spotted close to where its host plant, Flacourtia rukam can be found. The Rustic is an orange-brown butterfly with a characteristic broad yellow discal patch on the forewings followed by a broad black apical area. In flight, it can sometimes be mistaken for the Banded Yeoman (Cirrochroa orissa orissa). In Singapore, the Banded Yeoman is much rarer.   The Rustic is an active butterfly and usually appears on sunny days. It is an alert butterfly and is difficult to photograph as it flits from leaf to leaf and rarely stops for long. Even when alighted on a perch, its wings are often moving continuously, ready to take off at the slightest distraction.   The underside of this species is paler than the upperside, but with similar markings as above.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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