Tetrio Sphinx Caterpillar from Antigua

Antigua Caterpillar February 28, 2010 We were in Antigua Feb2010 and saw several of these on a shrub. They were as big around as a thumb and about 6 inches long. We are curious to know what the moth or butterfly looks like after it finishes it’s cycle. Also do all caterpillars turn into moths … Read more

Ello Sphinx Caterpillar, we believe

Unknown caterpillar, St Thomas, Virgin Islands February 27, 2010 Got a few photos of this guy/gal near a mangrove lagoon area on St Thomas, VI. I don’t remember the time of year. From what I recall it was on or near a potted allamamda, if that helps at all… I’ve only seen one of these … Read more

Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

Madagascar Hissing Roach February 27, 2010 Hey, I don’t see any Madagascar Hissing Roaches on your site, so I thought I might contribute! His name is Eero, means “Ever-Ruler” and I was letting him crawl around on my pantleg in these pictures (was in a dark room using flash so his colors showed up better) … Read more

Giant Crab Spider with Spiderlings: one from our archives now a Facebook sensation

Facebook-group picture sparks curiosity February 26, 2010 Well hello there anthropod lovers! You’d be forgiven for reading this and thinking “this guy cannot possibly be serious” but this really intrigued me. There’s a facebook group entitled “if i saw this in my house I’d run” and their image is this one. I’m unsure as to … Read more

Cactus Dodger Cicada

Desert Cicada February 26, 2010 Hi, WTB, From early June, 2009, a very fresh looking Desert Cicada.  It voided when picked up.  Northern Sonoran Desert, southern Arizona, about 3,000′. Best, Denny Hi Denny, We are nearly certain your interesting desert Cicada is Cacama valvata, which we quickly located on BugGuide.  We like that it is … Read more