Can you help me name these beetles?
January 31, 2010
please could help me to identify these beetles, all were photographed in Santa Elena cloud forest in Costa Rica in december.
Costa Rica

Tortoise Beetle:  Stolas cuculata

Hi Miles,
We are at the end of your identification requests, and we decided to split up your beetle requests to better align with are archives.  These two beetles are both Leaf Beetles in the family Chrysomelidae, and the black specimen with the orange spots is, we believe, a Tortoise Beetle in the tribe Cassidini.  In our attempts to identify it, we stumbled upon a Tropical Diversity in the  Amazon blog with a similarly marked, though obviously different species of Tortoise Beetle, and it was just posted yesterday.  We then found a Discover Life website with numerous links, and our first click fortuitously led us to an image of your Tortoise Beetle which was identified as Stolas cuculata.  We verified the identification on the Biol.uni website.  In our attempt to answer your question, we did find a photo on Flickr that appears to be the same species as your Leaf Beetle, but alas, it has not been identified.  We are trying to click through all the links on the Discover Life Website in the hopes to properly identify your Leaf Beetle, but we need to attend to other things at the moment.

Leaf Beetle:  Zygogramma violaceomaculata

Hi Daniel,
that’s brilliant, thanks for al of your help with identification. Great idea for a website and I am shocked that you replied so quickly. I might have one or two more….

Identification thanks to Karl
Hi Daniel and Miles:
The leaf beetle in the lower photo is probably Zygogramma violaceomaculata (Chrysomelidae). Zygogramma appears to be a recent re-classification; older references designate it as Calligrapha violaceomaculata. The Electronic Biologia Centrali-Americana also provides an illustration under the older name that looks pretty much identical. Regards.

Location: Costa Rica

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