Strange, spider/crab-like insect. Poisonous?
January 30, 2010
Many of them appear late at night on hills near our beaches. A long time ago a doctor told me it was an assasin bug that transmits the Chaga’s Disease, but after looking up some pictures of the actual bug, I’ve had my doubts. What is it? Is it poisonous or harmless?
Adelie Penguin
South America


Dear Adelie,
South America is a large continent.  This is a harmless Harvestman in the order Opiliones.  They are Arachnids and despite the resemblance to spiders which have venom, Harvestmen are perfectly harmless as they have no venom.  Harvestmen are also known as Daddy Long Legs.


Phew, thank goodness. I have no reason to fear it anymore. If you need more details regarding its geographical location, it was found specifically in Chile, Valparaiso region. This one sure is different from other Daddy Long Legs, though. I mean, I’ve seen pictures of them before but none showed one with a body as big as this one’s. Well, we learn new things everyday, I guess!
Again, thank you very much.

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