Black/yellow/orange beetle
January 27, 2010
this beetle mysteriously showed up in my water bottle(of all places). I live near Calgary, Alberta, Canada. As you can see in the pictures it is black and yellow, with a hint of orange on the back and an orange striped belly. I have never seen a beetle like this here before, and the only way I can figre it got in the house was I had a television delivered to me the other day and it could have came with it(where the tv came from I do not know).
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Two Spotted Stink Bug

Hi Josh,
This is an adult Two Spotted Stink Bug, Perillus bioculatus.  Individuals of the species can exhibit variable coloration, most commonly with all of the white markings being red.  The Two Spotted Stink Bug is a beneficial predator, and according to BugGuide, it preys upon the Colorado Potato Beetle.  The range is much of the United States and parts of Canada, and since Stink Bugs often seek shelter indoors to hibernate, it is also a possibility that your individual originated in your own vicinity.

Thank you very much for the prompt response and information!  What a great website 🙂

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