what kind of moth is this?
January 25, 2010
on june 28th 2008 i was at my school when i saw a really neat moth. it looked as if it was hurt and as a result it could not fly away, and we took some pictures. it reminds me of a tiger moth or a leopard moth. it has an orange and white body with black dots along its orange back and white side, and white tip rear end, its uper legs are orange whith black and white lower legs. its head is furry and white with slim black anteneas, its upper wings are white with black spots and its lower wings are orange with black spots. the only moths i have seen that are this size are large plain brown ones so i am very curious about this.
Jolena J
northern alberta, canada

Salt Marsh Moth

Hi Jolena,
The reason this Salt Marsh Moth reminds you of a Tiger Moth is that the Salt Marsh Moth is in the Tiger Moth family Arctiidae.  The Salt Marsh Moth, Estigmene acrea, is found throughout North America except for Alaska and the Yukon, according to BugGuide.

Salt Marsh Moth

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  1. Nic says:

    I have a bag of microbes that I use for my compost bin. I heard a funny noise coming from the bag last night and found a salt marsh moth flying around inside. It had just hatched from its cocoon. The environment in the bag is warm and moist, so it probably thought it was spring. I tried to release it last night, but leaving it outside all night I found it to be in the same place, not moving. Not sure if it was alive I brought it back inside. After about an hour it began walking around. I am not sure what to do with it. I don’t want to keep it in a cage. Can it even survive inside, or can it survive during the winter months outside? If anyone can give me information that would be great. Thanks!

  2. Jadzia says:

    i found a salt marsh moth at my school in 2019. it had a broken wing as well but it still could fly i little, i was wearing a sparkly shirt so I assumed it thought that my shirt was the night sky. every time I tried to release it, it kept on coming back to my shirt, is there an explanation to why it likes my shirt so much? also i named it Fanta, which is a pretty cool name right? Fanta’s wind was half ripped off, i don’t know what happened. also i want to know what Fanta’s predators are because i saw a lot of seagulls and sparrows, if i left Fanta out in the sun with all these birds. what is the chance that he/she got eaten, or stepped on by a kid. i really hope Fanta is still alive until night-time because he/she is the COOLEST moth i have ever seen! Fanta did’nt have a white tip on his/her abdomen, what does that mean? because jolena’s find with Fanta 2.0 seemed to have a white tip on their abdomen. i know that this is a lot of questions but i REALLY NEED TO KNOW!!!!

  3. Jadzia says:

    i have seen a salt marsh moth. the one i found didnt have a white tip, what does that mean?

  4. william says:

    the salt marsh moth i found didn’t have a white tip on their abdomen

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