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two beetles? one fly?
January 24, 2010
1.blue beetle in botanic garden Canberra
2.golden beetle Burramine, Murray Valley Hwy vic. on the ground
3. fly Woodend vic in a garden
victoria Nsw

Leaf Beetle

Hi Elise,
We only like to post one species per letter to keep our archives from being too confusing.
Your blue beetle is some species of Leaf Beetle in the family Chrysomelidae.  None of the species on the Brisbane Insect website seem to match your beetle. We believe we found a matching image on the OZ Animals website, but it is listed as unidentified, possibly in the genus Lilioceris. Perhaps it is an introduced species.  Your golden beetle is a Christmas Beetle in the genus Anoplognathus and the fly is a Robber Fly.

Hi Daniel,
Thank you for your quick answer. I just spent a few weeks in Australia and now I am back in the snow in the Netherlands.
Since eveything, every flower, every animal is different from here I have a lot of “research” to do.
I had a book for trees, for flowers, for animals. for birds, but not for insects.
Is there a website that can help me find out by myself what the creatures on my photos are?
Being totally ignorant in australian buglife I probably saw only the very very common insects.
If I have more questions I’ll send them one by one.

Thanks for the additional information Elise.  Your original letter was so spare and lacking in information that we thought providing you with family information would suffice.  We are not scientists and often exact species identification is difficult for us.  Since receiving your reply, we have posted a second beetle image in a separate posting, but we could not get exact identification.  All of our replies have contained links with websites we use.  You may try additional web searching the same way that we do if the family name isn’t exact for you.  Otherwise, you can continue to check into our website to see if any of our readers post an identification to this Leaf Beetle.  Since we cannot retain email addresses for perpetuity, we strongly recommend adding a comment to your postings through our website and then if any additional postings come in some time in the future, you will automatically be notified.  Csiro Publishing is advertising an Insects of Australia book for sale that might be helpful.

Karl identifies the Leaf Beetle
Hi Daniel and Elise:
I think this could be a Blue Metallic Flea Beetle (Altica pagana). That may not be the exact species since there are several in that genus in Australia, but I believe it is pretty close. Although yours appears to be a single individual, they tend to gather in large clusters. Many flea beetles are considered agricultural pests but I could find nothing to suggest that the Blue Metallic Flea Beetle falls into that category. They are reported to feed on members of the Rosacea family. Regards.

Yes, I think that is it.  Thank you Daniel and Karl. I found this http://www.flickr.com/photos/nuytsia_pix/3653712810/in/photostream/ that confirms it.
I thought WTB to be australian, but it is american. Are you ‘doing’ bugs for the ‘whole world’? Regards,

Hi again Elise,
The offices of What’s That Bug? are based in Los Angeles California, but we will attempt to identify anything that comes our way, time permitting.  Our readership and contributors may be found anywhere the world wide web reaches.

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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