Stripey bug in Yellowstone
January 24, 2010
I visited Yellowstone NP in September 2009 and saw a rather cute bug. I am just sorting my photos out now and wondered what this bug is. It landed on my car side-mirror as I stopped for a photo.
Yellowstone NP

White Spotted Sawyer

Hi Dee,
This is a White Spotted Sawyer, Monochamus scutellatus.  The White Spotted Sawyer can be distinguished from its close relatives by the white scutellum.  The scutellum is the white triangular spot at the front of the elytra or wingcovers, on the thorax.  It is found in coniferous forests, and according to BugGuide, it has a:  “Two-year life cycle. Larvae excavates galleries in coniferous trees, often after they are damaged by a fire, storm, etc. Common hosts are: Balsam fir, spruces and white pine.

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  1. Dault03 says:

    I just found one of these on my outdoor grill and I’m facinated by it. It makes a really cute squeeking sound.

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