a moth?
January 24, 2010
well i found 2 similar caterpillars about 2 months ago so i took them to my house oh and i took the leafs from the near trees and i err raised them until they became cocoons and well one cocoon went missing while the other one is still in its cocoon and one day there was a moth i think, that was on the cocoon so i wonder is this what came out of the missing one if so why was it on the other’s cocoon…
Victor R
west israel

Green Drab Moth

Hi Victor,
Your moth resembles a Fruit Piercing Moth, Eudocima materna, we have posted in the past.  It is definitely a different species, but we wonder if it is related.  We hope one of our readers can assist in this identification.

Cocoon: Fruit Piercing Moth

Hi Daniel and Victor:
This is indeed a fruit-piercing moth, probably Ophiusa tirhaca (Noctuidae: Catocalinae). I don’t know if it has a common name in Israel but elsewhere it is referred to as the Green Drab Moth. It has quit a wide distribution, including southern Europe, Africa and Asia, and it has been introduced to Australia. As the name of the group suggests, the adult moths feed by piercing various fruits, especially soft fruits. The larvae feed on the leaves of a variety of trees and shrubs and can be a pest on pistachio trees (including in Israel).   Regards.

Location: Israel

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  1. Mein13 says:

    err its me again i looked up a bit and i found this http://bugguide.net/node/view/124007
    >< well the second caterpillar didn't make his cocoon so well and the inside was exactly this. and by the way it bended the leaf as the post shows (but with a different leaf) it must be this so is there a possibility that the moth shown is a cannibal moth or something since he was ON the cocoon…

  2. Mein13 says:

    O NO im sorry for some reason i fiercely opened the pretty cocoon in the picture and i just found out that IT IS THE MOTH FROM IT (since the brown real cocoon inside is empty) I just didn’t see the escape hole out of it i guess..>< please ignore my last comment^^" IM A DADDY =D.

    • bugman says:

      Dear tonton,
      Thank you for the link. We had an update to the posting that already identified it as Ophiusa tirhaca. Were you able to view that update? We ask because we recently made some changes to our site to accommodate mobile device users and we are not certain if we have worked out all the proverbial “bugs”. Thanks for your input.

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