two beetles? one fly?
January 24, 2010 beetle in botanic garden Canberra
2.golden beetle Burramine, Murray Valley Hwy vic. on the ground
3. fly Woodend vic in a garden
victoria Nsw

Christmas Beetle

Hi Elise,
We only like to post one species per letter to keep our archives from being too confusing.  Your golden beetle is a Christmas Beetle in the genus Anoplognathus.  They get their common name because they arrive like clockwork each year around Christmas in Australia.  Csiro has a nice web page with information.  Your blue beetle is some species of Leaf Beetle and the fly is a Robber Fly.

Hi Daniel,
Thank you for your quick answer. I just spent a few weeks in Australia and now I am back in the snow in the Netherlands.
Since eveything, every flower, every animal is different from here I have a lot of “research” to do.
I had a book for trees, for flowers, for animals. for birds, but not for insects.
Is there a website that can help me find out by myself what the creatures on my photos are?
Being totally ignorant in australian buglife I probably saw only the very very common insects.
If I have more questions I’ll send them one by one.

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