Bug in the Bunk Bed
January 23, 2010
My parents have a 20 yr old oak bunk bed which seems to be hosting a weird bug. I had first found it on the wall next to the bed then we moved the bed into a different room and I found another one a month later on the bed sheet. After each find, I cleaned like crazy…and yes another month or so later I found this one…What is it??? I took the bed out of storage in a barn four years ago. I think I remember seeing one then too but dismissed it. But now, it’s driving me crazy and well I don’t want my kids to be sleeping in the cool bed their grandparents set up for them when they stay there in the summer…can you help?
Kind Regards
Western Massachusetts, country home


This is a harmless Pseudoscorpion, a predator that will help keep unwanted insects from your home without presenting any threat to humans or pets, unless your pets are cockroaches or houseflies.

Thank you very much for taking the time to reply.
I’m am honestly amazed for both the speedy response and the actual bug itself.
Thank you again.

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