I have tiny black bugs that are crawling into my dog’s water bowl
January 21, 2010
I found a black bug on the counter one day, and then one on another counter, but ever since, they are not on counters but on the floor near my dog’s water bowl, and they keep crawling into her water. I took the bug to a professional who said it was a weevil, but I haven’t found any bugs in my food, and they are in her water every day, so I’m not sure what I have and how to get rid of it. I bought traps for the weevils, but so far they aren’t attracting them. The only bugs in the trap are the ones that I have put there.
Indianaplis, IN

Weevils in trap

Hi Sherri,
The professional is correct.  These are Weevils.  Try checking your dogs bargain size pet food, or perhaps you have some birdseed stored nearby.  Both are likely sources for the infestation.

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