Please identify tiny bugs in my carpet
January 20, 2010
I just returned from vacation to find several dozen little bugs in my bedroom carpet. They are dark brown, oblong, with six legs and what appears to be a proboscis between their antennae. They measure approximately 3 mm. No wings that I can see. Many are dead, the others seem to be wandering aimlessly on the floor. I’ve looked up carpet beetles but these don’t resemble the pictures of those I found. Any ideas?
Bugs in NYC
New York, NY

Granary Weevil

This is a Weevil, and there are several species that infest stored food products.  Perhaps one of our readers will be able to provide us with a more specific identification.

Eric Eaton provides information
The tiny weevil is indeed a “granary” weevil in the genus Sitophilus.  Great image, too!  They often infest birdseed, so that might be the source.

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