Does my house have crabs?
January 19, 2010
Please tell me what this thing is….does my house have a case of the crabs? The bug is in my home year round and is mostly found on the walls in my den. The picture has 1 as big as I’ve ever seen them. They are present in the summer and in the winter.
Mr. Madcow


Dear Mr. Madcow,
This is a Pseudoscorpion, a harmless predator that will help rid your home of unwanted insect visitors.

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  1. tranberg says:

    This web site is great. This morning i woke to my girlfriend yelling to me to come, there is a crab in our bathroom. Before i got there it had already been killed. Off to work she went and all i got all day, bye text was our house has crabs thinking its the bad type lol. On other words she was making me buy crazy cleaning stuff to basicly exterminate our house. Instead i decided to look up the little critter; finding out it is no harm but actually good. Lots of preasure off my solders when i told her, seeing i was on days off and she wanted me to ripe the house apart.

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