Fall and over winter visitor
January 16, 2010
I have an insect that is probably 1/2 in long not including the head. It has a rusty color (the wings?) and white lines on the sides under the wings. It seems to be found near my slider to the deck. It also finds its way upstairs. It can makes a low buzzing noise when it clumsily flies around like a helicopter. It’ss slow and easy to catch. I just started to see them with the cooler weather in November and now in January continue to see them. What should I do with them? I don’t like to harm bugs. It has six legs. Here’s one at my blog http://naturalworlds.blogspot.com.
Can we co-exist? Will it eat my house that is mostly wood? Thank you in advance. Your site is wonderful.
northeast USA

Western Conifer Seed Bug

Hi tess,
WE have posted several photos of the Western Conifer Seed Bug, Leptoglossus occidentalis, in the past week.  This harmless Leaf Footed Bug often seeks shelter indoors when the weather turns cooler.  It will not harm your home, its furnishings, nor its inhabitants.

Thank you very much. That is indeed my bug!  I won’t be in a hurry to throw them out the door into the cold since, according to what I’m reading, they will let themselves out in the spring.
Thanks again,

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