Green, Yellow & Red Speckled Legged Spider
January 16, 2010
I live in Silverado, CA which is a canyon surrounded by the Cleveland national forest. I found this spider on a metal rod on the hillside next to our house. The hillside is covered in tall grass and a mix of sycamores, oaks, cactus and small shrubs. I’ve lived in Silverado for almost 12 years and have never seen a spider quite like it. I’d be interested to know any information you might have on it.
Silverado Canyon, CA

Green Lynx Spider

Hi Ryan,
Despite the wide range of colors you have described, this spider is simply called the Green Lynx.  It has the ability to blend in with its background plants.  BugGuide has a very nice page on this species, showing several color variations as well as the life cycle.

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