Green mini catepillars inside a mini clay pot
January 16, 2010
I was looking in my dogwood tree and found two perfect little miniature clay “jugs” attached to a branch in the tree. so curious i was about the “pots” that i crushed one open and found three little green catapillars hanging out inside. The jugs were about a half inch wide with a little fluted opening resembling a vase or handleless jug. these catapittars were found in Dayton ohio. sorry no photo!
H Butt
dayton, ohio

Sketch of a Potter Wasp nest

Dear H Butt,
You have found the nests of a Potter Wasp in the genus Eumenes.  The female wasp constructs the nest from clay and then provisions it with caterpillars or beetle larvae, according to BugGuide.

Thanks so much, very interesting. I have seen those wasps in and outside of my house!

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