Appears to be Nemognatha sp
January 13, 2010
Found in the holes bored for Mason Bees
Want to know if this is Nemognatha or another sp. If Nemognatha what species?
Jay Hurlbert
MacMinnville OR

Blister Beetle

Blister Beetle

Hi Jay,
We are going to contact Eric Eaton, who lived in Oregon, to see if he knows what species of Blister Beetle you have found.  The genus Nemognatha is one in which, according to BugGuide, the “Females lay eggs on flowers, larva attach themsleves to bees when they visit flowers and are then carried to bee nests where they eat bee eggs and stored food.
That would explain finding this specimen in a Mason Bee nest.

Hi Daniel
I think it also may be Tricrania (stansburyi), a closely related genus, as I did a little more research after sending it to you. It sure would be nice to find out for sure,

Eric Eaton concurs
Hi, Daniel:
I agree with Jake, this is a specimen of Tricrania stansburii (spelling taken from Hatch in Beetles of the Pacific Northwest).  Nice find!

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