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colorful metallic beetle
January 12, 2010
Could you please help us identify this beetle? We found it in a shallow, sandy-bottomed stream which runs through Angelina National Forest. Thank you for any light you can shed on its identity!
The Guy family
Jasper, Texas

Tiger Beetle

Tiger Beetle

Dear Guy family,
This is a Tiger Beetle in the genus Cicindela, though we are uncertain of the species.  We looked through all the possibilities on BugGuide, but couldn’t make a conclusive identification.  It is possible that it is the Six Spotted Tiger Beetle, Cicindela sexguttata, which is described on BugGuide as being:  “Brilliant green coloration with six white spots. No other Nearctic Tiger Beetle looks much like this one. Occasional variation seen—overall color may be bluish on some individuals, and spots may be missing on some individuals.
”  There is one example on BugGuide with a color pattern similar to your specimen.

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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