Unknown spider in Tasmania – Funnelweb?
January 10, 2010
Hi Bug people!
Whilst bush walking in South West Tasmania last week (cool, damp forest & heathland) we happened to see this large black spider on the edge of the trail. It was aggressively displaying as we approached (waving front legs, and ‘jolting’), and as I took the photograph. I wonder if you could assist us in identifying it?
It looks a bit like a funnelweb, but I’m not sure. Seems a bit dramatic, but would that be droplets of venom on it’s fangs??
Thanks for all your work,
Nick and Kathryn
South West National Park, Tasmania

Wolf Spider with Spiderlings

Wolf Spider with Spiderlings

Dear Nick and Kathryn,
Though we cannot find a match online, even on the awesome Spiders of Australia website, it is our opinion that this is a female Wolf Spider in the family Lycosidae.  It appears that there are spiderlings on the abdomen of your specimen, and this behavior is unique to Wolf Spiders, and the eye pattern which includes two large eyes is also an identification feature of the family.  Wolf Spiders are not considered to be dangerous.

Hi Daniel,
Thanks very much for the reply. Very informative as always.
Many Thanks,

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