Little white things coming out of a hold in wood, indoors
January 7, 2010
There is a big pile of these tiny white things in my cherry wood built-in bookcase. They are coming out of a tiny hole. Do you know what they are from? Are they termite droppings?
The coin in the picture is a US dime.
san diego

Drywood Termite Pellets

Drywood Termite Pellets

[2 hours later]  Hi there – since sending this email, I found out there are droppings from drywood termites…. thanks anyway!!

Hi Andy,
We are happy that you identified your Drywood Termite Pellets, though we sympathize that they are in a built-in bookcase.  BugGuide has only one image of Drywood Termite Pellets with some information, but there is a nice link to a UC Davis drawing showing the difference between Drywood Termite Pellets and Dampwood Termite Pellets.  Drywood Termites do not need to maintain contact with the damp earth, and they can sometimes infest furniture as well as homes.

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