Can u name this insect please?
January 6, 2010
Large flying insect landed in pool (and assumed drowned). we live in northern Sydney area (Australia) with loads of bush surrounding area.
Thank you, Craig
Sydney Australia

Children's Stick Insect

Children's Stick Insect

Hi Craig,
What a gorgeous female Children’s Stick Insect she is.  It is sad she met such an untimely end.  We identified the species, Tropidoderus childrenii on the Brisbane Insect website, and then found a nice Oz Animals page that indicates:  “Children’s Stick Insect is a medium sized stick insect. Females are larger and bulkier than males, and usually green, but can also be pinkish or cream. The wings are yellowish with bright patches of yellow and blue at the base. Males are slender and light reddish brown. Both males and both the males and females have two pairs of wings. Males are strong fliers, but females are too bulky to fly well. They rely on camouflage to avoid predators. When threatened, Children’s Stick Insect will spread its wings showing the yellow and blue markings. Nymphs have a yellow stripe running along the length of the body. When at rest, the nymphs will align themselves on the leaf so yellow stripe aligns with the leaf midvein.”  Peter Miller’s website
states the Children’s Stick Insect is also called a Yellow Winged Spectre. The Children’s Stick Insect feeds on the leaves of eucalyptus.

Children's Stick Insect

Children's Stick Insect

Thanks Daniel really appreciate it cheers Craig

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12 Responses to Children's Stick Insect from Australia

  1. smichal says:

    wow! beautiful!

  2. Carla says:

    Hi I am selling eggs of this species and am looking for a lovely picture to use.
    Can I have your permission to use this PLEASE.
    thank you so much

  3. Peter says:

    caught one today complete and undamaged.. beautiful creature ..

  4. Matt says:

    Fantastic bug and picture. I’m writing an 8 volume about the epic adventures of three kids named the Bandeliers. They are Australia right not and this amazing creature will be a part of it.

  5. Matt says:

    Anatomically, anybody know what those big translucent wing things are behind the second green wing?

  6. Matt says:

    Anatomically, anybody know what those big translucent wing things are behind the second green wing?

    ***this was re-sent because I gave the wrong email!****

  7. Marie Goonan says:

    1. What we thought was an amazing praying mantis found outside the back door of the camp kitchen was actually a female Children’s stick insect. The Melbourne Museum expert said so. Please could we use Craig’s picture of the children’s stick insect on his hand (crediting Craig and your website.)
    Thank you
    Marie Goonan Newsletter editor
    P S I would like to send you a photo of our Children’s stick insect but I have not figured out how to yet.

    • bugman says:

      Yes, you may use the image from this posting for educational purposes. You may submit your image using our Ask What’s That Bug? link from our web site. PLease include “Children’s Stick Insect” in the subject line.

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