Black & Red Water Bug?
January 4, 2010
These guys only seem to surface at this time of year (Summer). They fly (rather poorly) and seem to be seriously attracted to water. Pretty much always find their way to the sink, shower floor or cats water bowl. Also only seem to see them at night. Heaps of them in the house at the moment. Fairly small, about the size of a 5 cent coin.
Burnie, Tasmania, Australia

Unknown Scarab Beetle from Tasmania

Unknown Scarab Beetle from Tasmania

Dear Jason,
This is not a Water Bug, but rather, some species of Scarab Beetle.  We do not believe the beetles are being attracted to the water.  We believe they are accidentally flying into the water and cannot get out.  We wish your photo was of a higher quality, but as it is, the markings on your beetle seem rather distinctive.  We have had no luck matching it to anything online, including the Scarabaeidae Insect Gallery page on the LifeUnseen website.

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  1. drtjhawkeswood says:

    This is a species of Phyllotocus (Scarabaeridae: Melolonthinae). Need more time to check identity from Tasmania. The adults often swarm in summer on flowers and may be attracted by sugar/honey solutions.

    Best regards, Trevor

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