Can you identify this bug?
January 3, 2010
Can you help me identify this bug?
Sighting (possibly two times):
* I recently found this bug on my bed after a friend’s visit. She arrived by plane from DC.
* There is a slight possibility that this is the same bug as another one i found on my clothes months ago while on public transit in Chicago.
* The bug is easily visible and is about 2mm in length.
* It moves fairly slow, mush slower than common small household ants.
Other facts:
* Extremely resilient. I found it about three weeks ago and put it in a small glass jar for later identification. I forgot about the jar until today and I was shocked to see it is still alive with no food, or water in a small air tight jar.
* It does not like sunlight. It took a while taking a frontal shot of it as it always tries to face away from direct light.
Chicago, IL

Spider Beetle

Spider Beetle

Hi Ben,
We rarely receive letters with so many bullet points.  This is a Smooth Spider Beetle, Gibbium aequinoctiale, a pest of stored foods.

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