A Few More Things About my Bug/Fly/Beetle
November 4, 2009
My bugs have very distinct personalities. If they are fruit flies or drain flies, they don’t fly around fruit or the drain. They’re very lazy and just sit there. If I try to capture them, they do squirm away – but of course I’m faster. If they’re some kind of pantry beetle/saw tooth beetle, they don’t match the profile. I have yet to find them in food. Like a lunatic I’ve been going through every box, carton or bag, examing them and then throwing them out. I haven’t found these creatures in any food source. They now seem to take the occasionally holiday from the kitchen for an excursion the the dining room. There is no food or moisture in the dining room. I can’t figure out what they are afte other than a dark place to huddle. I may have get up in the middl e of the night with a miners cap to figure out what they are. Please save me this embarssment. It’s nearly halloween, so I think I’m safe from being reported to the asylum for wearing my bug tracking costume. People will think I dressed as an exterminator – I hope. All my food is now solely in the fridge. This is horrible.
Pest-ered Still and Exhausted

Merchant Grain Beetle

Merchant Grain Beetle

Dear Pest-ered Still and Exhausted,
We are posting some old letters today, and we are not certain if you have eradicated your beetle infestation.  These are Sawtoothed Grain Beetles or Merchant Grain Beetles in the genus Oryzaephilus which is represented on BugGuide which states:  “larvae and adults feed on damaged kernels of stored grains: barley, oats, rice, sunflower seeds, and wheat, plus flour, pasta, breakfast cereals, cake mixes, and various other processed foods used for human consumption.”

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