A wired black grasshopper???
January 1, 2010
i sent you guys this awhile ago, not sure if it went though,or if you just habvnt gotten around to identifiying it ot not, but yea outside my door one day in october i found this bug, captured it then set ti free later that evening,i wus confused about what kind of bug /insect it would be.?
i sent it in last time as ” Fred ”
British colubia ,canada

Field Cricket

Field Cricket

Dear i sent it in last time as “Fred”
This is a common Field Cricket.  In many cultures it is considered good luck to have a Cricket in the home.

Thank you very much i wus really curious about what kind of bug it wus, and your site askes “are we experts yet ?”
i would deffinetly say so, i have been on you site quite a few times and i think it is amazing all the diffirent insects!!
have a great day/night, and a good new year!

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