Forktailed Bush Katydid

katydid with leaf-like wings January 31, 2010 The photo of the dead leaf mimic got me thinking about the katydid I found in my backyard in northwestern New Jersey last August. Its wings have that amazing vein-pattern of leaves. One can see how, with just a little nip and tuck from natural selection, the dead … Read more

Eyed Elater

Could you ID this beetle for me? January 31, 2010 I found this guy in a limb fallen from a tree in my side yard. I live in Orange county, NY. I’m not sure of the tree species but it is a hard wood. the beetle is about 1.5 inches long and has very distinctive … Read more

Tiger Beetle from Costa Rica

Can you help me name these beetles? January 31, 2010 Hi, please could help me to identify these beetles, all were photographed in Santa Elena cloud forest in Costa Rica in december. Thanks, Miles Costa Rica Hi again Miles, As the label on your digital file indicates, you are aware that this is a Tiger … Read more