Red and Black bug – Israel
December 22, 2009
I remember I used to see this bug all the time usually in large groups. I saw one while eating lunch, just one alone and took this picture.
I took this in downtown Jerusalem. I know I have seen it in other parts of the county, but mainly in the Jerusalem area and in pine forests. I would say that it is about 1.5-2 cm long
Seraphya Berrin – Israel
Jerusalem, Israel

Unknown True Bug

Unknown True Bug

Dear Seraphya,
The best we can provide at the moment is that this is a True Bug in the order Hemiptera.  We believe it may be a Seed Bug in the family Lygaeidae.  It closely resembles Lygaeus equestris, a European species.  It is pictured on the Fauna of Israel website.  Unless there is variability in the coloration of individuals, your specimen differs from the images online in that it has fewer black spots on the wings and lacks the red mark on the head.  Hopefully, we will get some family or species identification assistance from our readership.

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