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December 25, 2009
We have never seen a bug like thin in NZ before. Any idea what it might be? It looks like a cross between a blow fly and a wasp. Any light you could share on it would be great. Thanks heaps
Paulo the wonderer
Auckland New Zealand

Hover Fly

Hover Fly

Dear Paulo,
The ventral view of your photograph is not ideal for identification purposes, and a dorsal view is much preferred.  We believe this is some species of Hover Fly in the family Syrphidae.  You might try comparing the images on the Insects of Brisbane Syrphidae page to see if any look close to your specimen.

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Location: New Zealand

11 Responses to Unknown Hover Fly from New Zealand might be Three LIned Hoverfly

  1. SammyB100 says:

    Hi Paulo – I found the exact same insect today in Chch 21/10/11 and have a link of what this is. A “threelined hoverfly” which are flies that pollinate flowers?!
    see -http://www.landcareresearch.co.nz/research/biosystematics/invertebrates/invertid/bug_details.asp?Bu_Id=229

  2. Andrew Morgan says:

    Hi, we have just found in our house. what a great looking fly. we were worried that it may be a pest,

  3. Andrew Morgan says:

    Sorry, also in Christchurch New Zealand

  4. Petra Pane says:

    I don’t see much for an ID, but my wife & I did catch & bring back quite a few similar flies that reminded us of bees from the far side of Lyttelton Harbour, that were sitting on a creek bridge hand-rail in the shade. (Christchurch – NZ) & some still breed at our place. They were easy to catch & we were informed by an entomologist that they were bee flies. Hope this helps.

  5. Tracey With rheas says:

    Today I found one of these on my flower I got a few photos 24/5/2015

  6. The Dukes says:

    We also has one come through the house today (chch) and our first thought was what is it? Like a fly yet a wasp detail. Have these always been in new Zealand? Truly amazing looking fly. Thankful for this great website!

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