Slow moving, tick-like bug
December 23, 2009
Hi bug people!
I have continuously seen these bugs in my bathroom, usually on the floor. I have never seen them anywhere else in my apartment. At first I thought they were ticks, but they crush very easily, and are round but don’t appear to be filled with blood. They move very slowly and the one I took a picture of was also moving very cautiously, exploring everything with its antennae. Not sure if this is normal, but when I used a flash, the bug appeared reddish (3rd photo). Otherwise, it appears black. It is also very very small, maybe about 1/2 cm. I’d really like to ID this bug to make sure it’s not posing any kind of risk to me by being there! Thanks in advance!
Queens, NY

Spider Beetle

Spider Beetle

Dear EG,
This is a Spider Beetle, Gibbium aequinoctiale, a common pest of stored foods.  The origin of the beetle is unknown as it now has a cosmopolitan distribution.  Though you are finding them in the bathroom, unless you also store food there, you should look for the infestation in the kitchen.

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3 Responses to Spider Beetle

  1. J. Heather Powell says:

    I just found one in the bathroom, of the hotel we are staying at!

  2. Roe says:

    I probably have spider beetles. They are the dice of a tick or smaller. Do not move for days at a time. Looks like a bit of dirt but smear when they are crushed. They are in my powder room and along the crevice where carpet meets the woodwork under my living room windows. I also see some in the master bath on the floor. I am in a townhouse on a slab send I have two cats.

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