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December 21, 2009
Hi Bugman,
I am sending a photo of an insect which I am guessing is a beetle, perhaps a stag beetle. The insect was found at Berenty which is a private reserve west of Fort Dauphine, in the southeast of Madagascar, It was found in the leaf litter and is quite large. I was impressed by those mandibles!
Diana B.
Berenty Private Reserve, South Madagascar

Ground Beetle from Madagascar

Ground Beetle from Madagascar may be Crepidopterus descorsei

Hi Diana,
The large mandibles are characteristic of Stag Beetles, but your specimen lacks clubbed antennae.  The threadlike antennae indicates this is some species of Ground Beetle in the family Carabidae, though we are uncertain of the species.

Location: Fort Dauphine, Madagascar

6 Responses to Ground Beetle from Madagascar is possibly Crepidopterus descorsei

  1. quintin says:

    Hi Bugman,
    I found the same beetle a couple of days ago living in my garden. The beetle looks identical but I am in Western Australia, I have never seen anything like this before.I would love to find out what it is and where it comes from.

  2. kkroeker says:

    When the ground beetle from Madagascar was first posted by Diana I spent a little time exploring the idea that it was a variety of Scaritinid (Carabidae: Scaritinae: Scaritini). I could find much but, coincidentally, I found a very similar beetle from Australia, Philoscaphus mastersii (link below). I wonder if this is the beetle Quintin is referring to? K

  3. quintin says:

    I will try to get a photo on I have a friend coming next week who will try and get a close up for you.

  4. Stephen Thorpe says:

    A species of Crepidopterus, possibly Crepidopterus descorsei (see

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