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Bees in Art
December 13, 2009
Dear Sir or Madam,
May I draw your attention to Bees in Art ( http://beesinart.com ), a brand new gallery devoted to art inspired by bees. Please find enclosed a press release below.
If you would like to exchange website links then please let me know, I would be very happy to do so.
I would be delighted to hear from you,
Yours sincerely,
Andrew Tyzack

The World’s First Art Gallery Devoted to Bees
Bees In Art: The world’s first art gallery devoted to Beekeeping, Honeybees and Bumblebees depicted in art.
East Yorkshire, UK – Internet based ‘Bees in Art’ Gallery exhibits artwork by leading artists whose fascination with beekeeping, bees and other Hymenoptera has inspired them.
Bees in Art is curated by Royal College of Art graduates Andrew Tyzack and Debbie Grice.
We exhibit and sell important artworks by contemporary artists: Robert Gillmor and David Koster as well as works by past masters: Graham Sutherland. They deal with all art forms. The gallery is based online and has generated much interest globally. Beekeeping and Bees are an immensely important part of our ecosystem. For the first time, their fantastic life cycle is celebrated through art.
Andrew, ‘Bees in Art’ founder, is a graduate of the Royal College of Art and a third generation beekeeper. He keeps several beehives in the East Riding of Yorkshire, UK. His earliest memory of beekeeping was helping his grandfather capture a wild colony of bees, established in the wall of a wooden hut: “in the smoky gloom Grandad gently took away the inner wall and there were the bees populating beeswax combs. Because the hut was gloomy and Grandad was gentle, the bees just carried on with their lives. We weren’t wearing any protective clothing at all, but I felt safe. Their doorway was where a knot had fallen out of a plank, but once we had captured the queen the colony was ours.”. Early inspiration came from a boyhood curiosity for all things natural, and from the artists, writers, poets and dancers, such as the sculptor Andy Goldsworthy and the poet Liz Lochead, who were visitors to his home. Now bees and beekeeping are the central themes of his work. Andrew’s beekeeping c an be followed using Twitter as well as through his facebook page.
Debbie Grice, co-founder, is an award winning artist and graduate of the Royal College of Art. Married to Andrew Tyzack she is the ‘beekeepers wife’, jarring honey and creating the beautiful labels for the jars. Winner of the Folio Society Illustration Award 1998, Debbie produces evocative mezzotint engravings of apiaries. She is also a qualified pilot and is featured in a Wellcome Trust Community TV production.
‘The Land Gallery’ is Bees in Art’s sister gallery and specialises in wildlife art with a special dedication to studying wildlife in the field. The Land Gallery has been featured in BBC TV, BBC Radio, Country Living Magazine, Yorkshire Post and numerous local society publications and newspapers.

January 6, 2009
Dear Daniel,
Our statistics show visitors via your link to our gallery arriving every day. Thanks. I have just added a link to What’s that Bug? To be uploaded later today. We will shortly have a dedicated links page, but our current links are easily found in our news page.
Kind regards,
Andrew Tyzack
Andrew and Debbie Tyzack
Directors of The Land Gallery
Tel: 01430 810239
E mail: contactus@thelandgallery.com
Web site: http://www.thelandgallery.com

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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