Bug jumps sideways and is very aggresive
December 13, 2009
Saw this bug in our garage in Boonville Mo. We have seen three of them in the last month. They look like a crossbrede between a grasshopper and a spider and are very aggressive it tried to attack my wife
John Schaefer
Boonville, Mo.

Camel Cricket

Camel Cricket

Dear John,
Though it looks frightening, the Camel Cricket is perfectly harmless.  Camel Crickets are also called Cave Crickets, and they like damp, dark places like basements where they will feed on a variety of things, including cloth and newspaper.

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  1. jacob says:

    i see these all the time and am so freaking scared of them that i throw every lose object in the vacenity of me at it, it looks to much like a spider for me to touch it, but in all reality even though i know what it is, it still scares the SHIT out of me!!!

    • augerson says:

      Jacob, they are much too quick for that and really, really don’t want to harm you. My cat caught one recently and i put it outside with a plastic cup and some cardboard. Probably fed a bird. I think it may have had a broken leg. I’m just a silly old girl and nobody needs to listen to me, but I think these little guys are awesome.

      • bugman says:

        We have learned from David Gracer that they don’t taste very good, a trait sure to limit their chances of becoming dinner, and that is significant in the world of Those Who Eat Bugs.

  2. augerson says:

    I love these little fellows. They have been living in my (nasty old unfinished) basement for years. When I looked them up to find a good image I came across this site. Most sites just tell how to get rid of them. they are not harming a thing. Thank you.
    Carol (the augerson)

    • bugman says:

      Hi Carol,
      We would really love to tag you as with the Bug Humanitarian Award, but alas, we don’t know how to tag comments. If you ever send in a photo of a Camel Cricket, be sure to mention your tolerance.

  3. Stephanie Jones says:

    My son, Noah, just caught two of these (at least I think they are Camel crickets) in our damp garage in Seoul, South Korea.
    He would like to know firstly if they are likely to be Camel crickets?
    Secondly, how long do they live?
    Thirdly, what do they eat as he is keep them in a special mini fish tank at the moment & wants to keep them as pets!
    Fourthly, any other tips gratefully received.

    • bugman says:

      The conditions under which they were found makes Camel Crickets a likely possibility. We doubt they will live much longer than a year. The habitat should be kept damp. According to BugGuide: “Most are omnivorous and will feed on most anything organic. Many (if not most) will catch and eat other smaller animals when they can. In houses may chew on paper products, occasionally fabric.”

  4. j says:

    Live in Illinois, seen several in recent months in laundry rm in basement.

  5. Sara says:

    I was outside a friends’ house the other day, and saw one of these guys. I freaked out a bit, as I’d never seen one before, but thought that it looked cool. (Found in Chicago, Illinois)

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