Identification needed
December 13, 2009
Hi, I took this picture of this beetle in Acadia National Park and for the life of me I can’t identify it! Can you?
Mike McNeill
Acadia National Park

December 6, 2009
Took this photo in Camden Maine this past July and can’t find any identification. Can you help?
Mike McNeil
North East US

Unknown Scarab

Rose Chafer

Hi Mike,
We were going through older emails yesterday, and we saw your original identification request, but since the photo was taken during the summer, and because we really like to try to post letters with timely sightings, we went to a different letter.  Today, we noticed your second submission and decided to take a bit of time to try to identify your Scarab Beetle.  Alas, we have failed.  We checked BugGuide, and we did not have any luck with a conclusive ID among the May Beetle and June Bugs in the subfamily Melolonthinae, nor in the Fruit and Flower Chafer subfamily Cetoniinae.  We will contact Eric Eaton to see if he is able to assist in a proper identification.  The closest possibility for us was the Variegated June Beetle, Polyphylla variolosa, but it just doesn’t seem correct.

Thanks for getting back to me. Sorry I didnt write sooner but I just heard of your site last weekend at my Camera Naturalist winter meeting. Please let me know if you have any luck. I’ll continue to search as well.
Mike McNeill

Hi, Daniel:
Well, you have the right family, anyway.  This is a really worn specimen of the “rose chafer,” Macrodactylus subspinosus, ala this image at Bugguide:
Worn specimens always present a challenge.

Damn, that was quick!! Thank you!!

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