Flower Beetle scarab ?
December 10, 2009
please identify closest l come is agestrata luzonica (cetoniine)
Melbourne Australia

Golden Green Stag Beetle

Golden Green Stag Beetle

Hi Lee-Anne,
This is a Golden Green Stag Beetle, Lamprima latreillii, based on images posted to the Brisbane Insect website.  Another possibility is the closely related Lamprima aurata which is pictured on the InsectaCulture website.

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4 Responses to Golden Green Stag Beetle from Australia

  1. Barbara Krause says:

    Golden Green Stag Beetle from Australia – This is the bug that was in Oklahoma My 1-15th right before the F-5 tornados in Moore, Okla. They appeared, ate leaves, then disappeared. No one had ever seen them before around Lamar or Holdenville, Oklahoma. Yes it is strange. But this is the beetle that was there.

  2. Allen Sundholm says:

    Yes, it is Lamprima latrielle, i.e. a stag beetle, Family Lucanidae.
    Allen Sundholm

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