Unidentified Amastus
December 7, 2009
This Amastus sp photographed at Bellavista Lodge, Ecuador. Elevation +-2000 m. Some ID-help would be very welcome.
Bellavista, Ecuador

Tiger Moth from Ecuador

Tiger Moth from Ecuador

Hi Leif,
We are not sure if a species identification will be possible based on a photograph, but we will contact a specialist in the Tiger Moth family Arctiidae to see if he can provide that information.

Hi Daniel
Thank you for fast reply.
I found your website by accident and thought I would give it a try. It looks very nice.
The thing is, I’ve got quite a few photos of moths from my recent birding trip to Ecuador and I’m struggling to identify most of them.
Would it be a good idea to post them on What’s That Bug? And if so, would it be ok to add several species in one posting?

Hi Leif
If they are closely related, like same genus or even same family, you may send them together.  Different families should each get a unique letter and subsequent unique posting.

Clarification from Julian Donahue
It’s indeed an Amastus, near aconia, but a specimen would be nice to have for confirmation.
Herve de Toulgoet has done a lot of work on this genus in recent years, and has described many new species from Ecuador.
Your birding correspondent should have picked up the nice book(s) illustrating Ecuadorean arctiids while he was there …
Julian P. Donahue

Location: Ecuador

2 Responses to Arctiid Moth from Ecuador is Amastus species

  1. entomologo says:


    It can be Amastus persimilis or Amastus alonia. They are very similar.

    Juan Grados

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