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3 more moths from Rio
December 5, 2009
Dear WTB
Here are three more ID queries from my Brazilian photo collection.
…  The second is a mystery – I can’t even place it in a family. About 3cm long. …  Any pointers you can give on the above would be gratefully received.
Nick P
SE Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

Unknown Sphinx we believe

Unknown Tiger Moth maybe

Hi Nick,
We tried looking through all the Sphinx Moths on the Sphingidae of Brazil website, and came up blank.  Hopefully, one of our readers can assist with this ID.  The size you indicate seems quite small for a Sphinx Moth.

Thanks Daniel,
It is not a Sphingidae, but I do not know the moth family for that one.
I suspect one of the tiger moths, but am not sure.
Bill Oehlke

Identification by Julian Donahue
Indeed, it’s an arctiid currently in the genus Lophocampa. There are many similar species in this group, a group badly in need of revision. When revised, this group of similar-looking moths may end up in several genera!
One similar species, currently known as Lophocampa annulosa, occurs as far north as Texas.
Julian P. Donahue

Hi Daniel
Thanks very much for the very prompt reply and the IDs. The two links are also much appreciated – I had not found the Guyana one before, possibly because it is in French! but the collection of photos is excellent.  I have already got a lead on one of the other pics I submitted (the black moth with larva in my previous message) which looks to be an Arctiid, a Ctenuchinid, possibly of the genus Ptychotrichos based on similar wing pattern.
I have already emailed Bill back and hopefully can send him some images for his site.
Many thanks

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Brazil

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