What’s That Bug?
December 3, 2009
i foudt it on a balcony in rotterdam
it was in summer
sorry for the english 😀

Devil's Coach Horse

Devil's Coach Horse

Dear posthumen,
This lovely creature is a Rove Beetle known as a Devil’s Coach Horse.  The threat posture is all show as the Devil’s Coach Horse has no stinger, however it does possess scent glands and it can release a foul odor.  This European species has been introduced to the U.S. and we love them in our garden since they eat snails.

2 Responses to Devil's Coach Horse

  1. BugfreakMeout says:

    I just found one of these guys in my jeans front pocket. I live in the Colorado Springs Area.
    It doesn’t seem to like light and keep running to dark spaces before I caught the lil bugger.
    Odd I have found no other stories of it being here in Colorado.
    But “They’ree Hereee!” heh

  2. Yikes says:

    Montrose, CO has TONS of them! They keep gettin into the house and RACE around fast! the do bite, and burrow into the carpet head first and play dead for extended amounts of time! I am not so happy about having to kill them twice :-/

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