Microscopic bugs in the swimming pool
November 28, 2009
Thousands of tiny insects in the swimming pool. Not on the grass, trees or flowers. Appear after big rains and hot days. Floating on water and very active once scooped out. They jump approx 10cm and they are 1 or 2 mm
Johannesburg, South Africa



Hi Phil,
We recently completed a section of our book where we talk about Springtails being the most common insects on the planet, with a worldwide distribution and adapting to varying habitats.  There are several groups of Springtails that will become quite numerous and are fond of living on the surface of the water of swimming pools.  You have Springtails.



4 Responses to Springtails in South Africa

  1. Marelese says:

    Please can you inform me how to get rid of Springtails.

  2. Michelle De Bruin says:

    Dishwashing liquid squeezed out on the sides of the pool walls help to destroy them and then drown them which allows the creepy to vacuum them.

  3. Raul says:

    How to breed and propagate SPRINGTAILS ?
    Can somebody Help ?

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