Mite or Tick ?
November 19, 2009
i’ve finished my new Azureus tank a few weeks ago, and i’ve found, several times, during the last few days these bugs crawling around my water feature edges.
some info of whats in the viv:
NO Frogs In The Viv ATM !!!
few broms and some riccia starting to expand on the ground.
water feature of waterfall and a pond ( false bottom ). the substrate is a mix of Baltic peat and coco peat/shreds.
thats about it.
omer hauser

Unknown Mite

Unknown Mite

Hi omer,
We needed to do a bit of research just to understand your questions as you used so many abbreviations and words we did not know.  Now we see you have set up a habitat for Dendrobates azureus, poisonous tree frogs, and that the plants are growing.  This looks like a Mite to us.  Not sure what though.  Mites are not our specialty.  Perhaps an acarologist will write in with an identification.

Hi Daniel,
I’m really really sorry for using words you didnt know ( sometimes, i forget that not to long ago i didnt know these words myself 🙂 ) and you had to spend time on research. My sincere apologies.
Thank you for your reply and if you come across a definite answer in this issue, i’d be more than happy if you let me know. I really want to know the common name and the scientific name of that mite.
Thank you again and have a nice weekend.
Omer Hauser

Hi Omer,
Since we do not keep track of our contributors’ email addresses, the best way for you to get your answer is to provide a comment on your own posting, requesting the identification.  If an acarologist writes in the future, our website program will contact you that a comment has been posted to your comment.

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2 Responses to Mite in terrarium

  1. bassjen says:

    This is a type of mite, for sure. I had a horrible experience with them in my home! They were taking over abandoned rat nests under my house.
    The type that got me were Ornithonyssus sylviarum. I am nearly positive yours are Ornithonyssus as well. Google Northern Fowl Mite or that species name and look at the images.
    To get rid of them you will either need to redo your terrarium OR you can microwave your substrates and cook the bugs out of it. Since you are putting amphibs in there it is risky to use any chemicals. Also, you can use Eucalyptus leaves Or Oil (You have to ask a pharmacist for it here in California (but it’s not a prescription-not sure where you are) I have worked with reps and amphibs and used the leaves and oil successfully. (If you use the oil, put some on a tissue and put in a closed cup or jar with holes poked in the top.)
    Let me know what you think if you look at the images! Good luck

  2. bmoc says:

    The mite in the photo is in the family Ascidae (in the broad sense), probably the genus Platyseius. These mites prey on nematodes in very wet situations, so finding them around your water source is understandable. They won’t bite or harm your frogs. It is definitely not a parasitic mite like Ornithonyssus!

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