Butterfly Identification
November 18, 2009
Do you know what type of butterfly/moth this is? I took this picture in Ecuador
doesnt matter
Ecuador, south america

Morpho Butterfly

Morpho Butterfly

Dear doesnt matter,
This is a Morpho Butterfly, but we are uncertain of the exact species.  Since we have a book to finish, we cannot spend the time trying to get an exact species.  Perhaps Karl will come to our assistance.

Hi Daniel:
I would say this is a this Helenor Morpho (Morph helenor). There are a number of sub-species, some of which look quite different – my inclination is to go with M. helenor helenor. It occurs throughout the Amazon basin. It’s a very nice photo. In my experience, Morphos don’t pose very often and when they do they usually don’t spread their wings so nicely. Regards.

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