Orange and Black Mystery Beetle in TX
November 18, 2009
Found this colorful beetle tonight; size a little smaller than a dime, mostly orange with black head and markings. He was moving fast so sorry not a better photo.
Evelyn W.
Joshua (South Fort Worth),TX

Earth Boring Dung Beetle

Earth Boring Dung Beetle

Hi Evelyn,
Despite the rather poor quality of your photo, it is easy to identify your beetle as an Earth Boring Dung Beetle in the genus Bolbocerosoma.  Better images are available on BugGuide.

Daniel!  Thanks for the quick reply.  When I was little, many moons ago, my Mother would scotch tape creatures we couldn’t identify and mail them off to the Dept. of Agriculture.  Weeks later, if we were lucky, someone there would write back.  I wish she knew how we can do it now, online. with a digital photo and a kind reply the very next day.  Love it.

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