Bug covered in pollen
November 12, 2009
I photographed this bug near the San Pedro River 5 miles east of Sierra Vista, AZ August, 26, 2008. It caught my eye because it was covered in pollen. I am interested in knowing what it is called.
South East Arizona near San Pedro River

Scoliid Wasp we think

Scoliid Wasp

Hi Juanita,
We are requesting assistance from Eric Eaton with your identification.  We believe this is a Scoliid Wasp or Flower Wasp, a family that takes nectar and pollen as an adult, and feeds upon Scarab beetle grubs as a larva.  The Scoliid Wasps are robust wasps with hairy bodies that will attract pollen.  Your photo doesn’t show any markings on the abdomen, but we believe your specimen may be Scolia nobilitata, as pictured on BugGuide.

Eric Eaton Concurs
You are correct.  So much pollen that I can’t make out which genus, let alone species:-)

Thank you for your information.  I too have been searching other web-sites and have seen a similar picture at the following site:
The third photo does show a Scolid Wasp that looks very much like the insect I photographed.  The individual who took the picture did so in South East Arizona about 70 miles from the place where I took the photo.

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